Cognitive Systems and Telecommunication

Wireless telecommunications systems and technologies

TPU Research Areas

  1. Information and telecommunication systems of monitoring and coordination of distributed hard-to-reach movable objects;
  2. Intellectual information and telecommunication systems of navigation and coordination of mobile operational groups and control stations;
  3. Development of systems of monitoring traffic flows;
  4. Development of regional board information systems.

Developments and Projects

  1. Next-generation navigation and telecommunication units relying on GLONASS navigation system and unmanned aircrafts for mobile operational group coordination;
  2. Product range of subscription units within domestic “Gonets” (“Messenger”) system of satellite communication and   data transmission featuring advanced capacity of GLONASS navigation system;
  3. Intellectual software and hardware to improve public transport work;
  4. Tomsk region territorial information system to build “Open Government” system.


INCOM Group, “Gonets” Satellite System” OJSC, “Rostelekom” OJSC, “Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time” OJSC,  Hughes Network Systems, LLC (USA), R-FID-Antenntechnik (Germany), Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal),  Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics SB RAS, Aerial Forest Fire Center "Avialesookhrana" of the Russian Federation, Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring “Rosgidromet” of the Russian Federation, Tomsk Municipal Budgetary Institution “Centre for Organisation and Regulation of Public Conveyance”.