Sustainable Energy

High-temperature Superconductivity Technology for Power Engineering

TPU Research Areas

- Production of  high-temperature superconductivity ceramics based on application of ultradispersed powders;

- Synthesis of   ultradispersed high-temperature superconductivity materials by means of interaction of input reagents in hypersonic electric-discharge plasma jet;

- Production of  3D materials by means of radial and axial double-action magnetic-pulse pressing followed by annealing in high-temperature furnaces and in systems of spark plasma sintering; 

- Plasmadynamic synthesis of composite ultradispersed target property blends;

- Generation of functionally-graded materials.

Developments and Projects

- High-temperature superconductivity processing units, such as various coaxial magnetoplasma accelerators, axial double-action presses and radial magnetic-pulse presses;

- Technology of dynamic synthesis of ultradispersed boron carbide in hypervelocity jet of boron-carbon electric-discharge plasma;

- Mechanisms of particle-size distribution of nanodispersed products of dynamic synthesis;

- Technology of dynamic synthesis of nanodispersed crystalline materials in carbon and nitrogen gas-plasma systems.


 Institute of Technical Physics at KIT (Karlsruhe, Germany), The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at University of Florida (USA), National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute”.