Safe Environment

One of the doctrines of the survival of civilization is the concept of sustainable development, based on the priorities of the quality of life, human security and the environment, mechanisms to address challenges and threats.

At all stages of the life cycle of resource is necessary to use the resource-efficient and safe technologies for both human and environment. The effectiveness of social and economic development depends on the security of technological and social spheres, which suggests the need to create a safe environment.

Global challenges addressed by the activities of the Cluster «Save Environment»:

Comprehensive Cluster program "Safe Environment" based on interdisciplinary held in Tomsk Polytechnic University studies which formed and formming the leading scientific schools, experience, material and technical resources and it should be aimed at improving the safety and quality of life in all spheres of human activity. The cluster includes a distinct line of development and the creation of technology as an effective security and control, and safety, environmental resource-efficient technologies and materials united by network.

Educational program within cluster framework

By Cluster "Safe Environment" TPU prepared a wide range of specialists (chemists, physicists, materials scientists, engineers, mechanical engineers, and others.) who are demanded by various industries with practical knowledge and skills, able to conduct research and develop new products. The system of retraining and advanced training for the industry is fully debugged. The training of highly qualified staff, double degree Master's and post-graduate programs with leading foreign universities is successfully implemented, including:


Saarland University (Saarbrucken, Germany), University of Dayton (USA), Fraunhofer Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (Dresden, Germany), KIT (Karlsruhe, Germany), ISE SB RAS, RSC «Energy», JSC «ISS», JSC «SPC «Polyus», JSC «Gazprom Transgaztomsk»