89% Of The Engineering Companies Of The Russian Federation Have Deficiency Of Engineers

12:32, Май 27, 2015

Social and Humanitarian Technologies of Engineering

"89% of respondents of the engineering companies and 67% of specialists of the created engineering centers at higher education institutions which were taking part in research declared about a deficiency of the engineering personnel. It testifies to insufficient quality of training of specialists and low appeal of engineering professions to the most talented youth, – the First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Gleb Nikitin declared.

According to the deputy minister, a number of measures of state support of the engineering centers, created on the basis of the educational organizations of the higher education, is developed to increase prestige of engineering professions and level of preparation of professionals. The emphasis will be placed on priority branches and the directions which are fixed in 20 of import substitution approved plans till 2020.

laser and additive technologies; industrial biotechnologies; composite materials; robotics; machine-tool construction; microelectronics and instrument making; light and textile industry; oil and gas mechanical engineering; agricultural mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering for food and processing industry; transport mechanical engineering; industry of children's goods; reversive engineering; bionic design and some other directions were listed in number of the priority.

Taking into account recommendations of Minpromtorg at the beginning of April, 2015 the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation declared carrying out the third waiting list of open public competition for providing the state support of pilot projects on creation and development of the engineering centers on the basis of the educational organizations of the higher education. By consideration of demands the preference will be given to projects in priority industries.

Now 20 such centers were already created and successfully function. They rendered services to 131 customers – the companies of real sector of economy for the sum more than 801 million rubles that by 1,5 times exceeds the volume of the state support rendered to them. The portfolio of orders for these centers for 2015-2016 is already created.

Besides, the program for granting subsidies to operators of services for compensation of part of costs of acquisition of the specialized engineering software in the current year will be continued. In 2014 such software got at a discount to 75% of 10 small and medium-sized profile companies. The general size of the discount provided by the state made 140 million rubles.