China will strengthen the engineering education

10:15, Март 6, 2015

Social and Humanitarian Technologies of Engineering

The authorities of the country are preparing a reform of national examination system to motivate young people to choose technical professions.

This reform is planned to solve the problem of the shortage of technicians. After the implementation of new rules of exam there will be two variants of the finals: the first one is for those, who is talented in technical science, the second is for humanities.

The first variant is for those who is planning to work as an engineer, senior mechanic or highly skilled worker. In case of successful passing of the exam a person will have the opportunity to enter one of 600 technical colleges and universities. Half of the universities of the country will be technical. They will have to restructure the curriculum and transform them from academic to applied and professional.

Thus school students will have to choose their profession in age of 16.

But there are several problems, which may appear after the implementation of new exams.

Firstly, transformation of 600 state universities of local value to the highest technical and professional colleges will significantly change differentiation and stratification of all structure of the higher education.

Secondly, the reform will have to change the point of view, that the higher education gives only academic knowledge.

One of problems, that should be solved, is revaluation of the cultural capital which society and employers attribute to owners of the professional diploma.