Engineer education at school

12:23, Апрель 2, 2015

Social and Humanitarian Technologies of Engineering

Today it is realized many projects connected with youth innovations and engineering creativity in Russia. The support in carrying out some of them is given by Associations of innovative regions of Russia and the association "Young Innovative Russia". The centers of youth innovative creativity (CYIC) and Fablab (from English fab lab - fabrication laboratory - small workshops where it is possible to make necessary details on machines with Numerical control) become platforms for an embodiment of initiatives. The idea of the global Fablab network came from abroad: there laboratories of digital production in which everyone can embody the idea in reality develop actively some tens of years. Now it is about 200 laboratories in the world united by the network interaction which give possibilities of an exchange of ideas, digital resources and collaboration over projects. Fablab came to Russia quite recently: the first full-function laboratory opened in April, 2012 in "MIS&S" within the joint project with MIT with assistance of Department of Education of Moscow.

For expansion of activity of Fablab and CYIC the special program was developed by the executive director of Association of innovative regions of Russia Ivan Bortnik. Thanks to this program the specialized centers of youth innovative creativity were also created in our country. Now there are already about 70 of them, more than 30 thousand pupils and students and students are engaged in them. CYIC as a new form of education is focused, first of all, on the younger generation. In such center a pupil can try to create the first robot, a 3D model, having printed it on 3D printer, or to try himself in graphic design. The main goal of CYIC is to awaken interest of youth to natural sciences and modern technologies, research and innovative activity.

The main part of the equipment for the Russian CYIC was bought abroad a few years ago. But now we have the opportunity to buy it from the Russian producers. Each laboratory has the most modern equipment (15 units as minimum) among them are the milling machine with a big working field, the device of sharp by laser, the precision desktop milling machine, 3D printer, the cutting plotter. More than 70% of CYIC work for free: under contracts with schools or at universities. Training goes across several directions: the 3D prototyping, prototyping, industrial design, electronics, nanotechnologies, and robotics. A number of the directions which were developed in Soviet period revives, - a car - an avia - shipbuilding.

On the Fablab Politekh 3D printers with the most large-scale working surface of 2 cubic meters are made. It is possible to make details of a meter in height and even "to print" a ready chair or a table.

- The model is unique, - the head "Fablab Politekh" Igor Asonov told . - We have the practices made taking into account the international experience. There is a 3D printers of similar scales abroad , but their price is many times higher. Foreign authors use industrial robots in printers  which cost some hundreds thousands euro. Our 3D printer is brought together as a usual one, but of the bigger sizes. As a result its price is lower - almost by 100 times.

This year the project is developed to industrial scale.