Engineers, builders and doctors are on the top of the list

10:16, Март 6, 2015

Social and Humanitarian Technologies of Engineering

Websites and  HeadHunter found out which professions young people from Perm choose.

Evaluation of 2112 young students showed that every second (49%) sees engineering and technical fields of study as the most promising. Such chose is connected with the fast development of technologies. Students think that such specialists will always have a job. Also they are confident that people with engineering or technical education have higher salary than humanities.

The second promising profession is connected with economic and financial sphere. 28% of respondents think in this way. They are also sure that these are the most highly paid profession.

Building have also the second position (28% of respondents said so). These respondents think that the building in Russia is developed fast, that’s why such education will always be demanded.

Medical education has got the third place. Respondents are sure that the society will always need people with such education.

Only 7% of respondents think that pedagogical education is promising. The reason is, as it was explained by students, that distance education is more and more popular, that’s why we don’t need a lot of teachers.

HeadHunter gave the comment about such point of view:

-          The average salary for a worker from engineering and technical sphere is 32 thousands rubles, for economists it is 30 thousands rubles, for builders it is 40 thousands rubles, for doctors it is 30 thousands rubles.

Respondents also see marketing, advertising, PR and law as promising spheres. 12% of the students named hotel and travel business, management and humanitarian activity.