Engineers are coming

12:22, Апрель 2, 2015

Social and Humanitarian Technologies of Engineering

Every second young specialist considers the engineering and technical directions of education the most perspective. Analysts of the portal who interrogated more than two thousand young specialists together with online recruitment agency HeadHunter came to such conclusion.

49% of respondents are convinced that because of rapid development of technologies experts of an engineering profile will have work and will be always demanded. Besides, young people consider that the salary of the people who have technical education is usually higher, than their colleagues with arts education have.

The second place in the rating of perspective professions is economic and financial specialties, 28% of young specialists consider in this way. Besides, participants of the interview are sure that it is the highest paid professions which representatives will always have a job.

Experts of the personnel and educational market noted, in recent years there are really structural changes in this sphere." Engineering work becomes more dynamic, experts rise on a career ladder quicker, but at the same time they have to know not only the narrow engineering area. Today engineers have to understand also theoretical mechanics, planning, data processing, designing, that means to possess wider competences and to be able to work competently in a team. And often they should work in a team consisting of people who don't have engineering education, - the deputy minister of science and education Alexander Klimov during told. - Now areas of engineering work - industrial design, biotechnologies and information technologies develop quickly. And the most important characteristic of a graduate of an engineering higher education institute is that, how quickly, effectively and without serious consequences he can adapt to the changes of environment and production technologies".

According to the deputy minister, the question of standards can become serious incentive in development of engineering education. And for its decision the Coordination council was created. "It is government and public structure which is responsible for the content of engineering specialty. And now with forces of council educational and methodical associations on different groups of specialties will be created. I consider that this work will lead to the correct positioning of engineering education and systematization of competences which experts have to have", - Alexander Klimov noted.

Employers claim that the most necessary quality for an engineer today is desire of professional and personal growth. "Production and technologies in different branches develop very quickly and interestingly. Big changes are in production and enrichment of steel. Therefore we need flexible and versatile experts, - the deputy CEO of the Metalloinvest company Marina Novikova noted. - Therefore we start working with young specialists when they aren't experts yet, that means at school. To select young talents, we developed the scholarship program".

According to the rector of MSTU, the last years engineering specialties have very talented children who are accurately oriented on the profession: "These specialties have very good talented children now. We feel that children and their parents have the other attitude to engineering education now. People understand that this is very worthy education and it is possible to work in any sphere, having it".

The most necessary quality for an engineer today is desire of professional and personal growth

Between institutions and employers talks on what has to be the today expert proceed. Unfortunately, there are not enough experts who come to a company and can understand their duties and build tasks. "Knowledge very quickly becomes outdated today. And it is necessary to approach this problem dialectically; we have to teach young people to study all life. Students have to get knowledge independently, keep them and be able to use. Basic engineering education has to become the base of such continuous self-development," - Anatoly Alexandrov added.