Experts calculated, what professions will be the most demanded in 10 years

18:20, Апрель 23, 2015

Social and Humanitarian Technologies of Engineering

The agency of strategic initiatives updated the atlas of professions which will appear in the near future. Experts calculated, at which party the economy will aim and which professions will be demanded in 5-10 years.

For example, developers of cyber artificial limbs and implants will be in an overwhelming demand in medicine. Cyber investigators will be necessary for IT. And 3D - designers will become the most demanded in construction.

- Even those professions which are famous long time — a cook or a milling-machine operator — changed on 60% only for the last five years, - says Robert Urazov, the deputy director of the Young Professionals direction of Agency of strategic initiatives . - Earlier a milling-machine operator turned a detail on the machine manually, and now he only projects it on the tablet. Therefore the names of specialties in the atlas are conditional. It is much more important that there are those competences which will be necessary for any person regardless of a profession in the future.

The ASI thinks, that already now it is worth learn programming, languages and to develop "green" ecological thinking.

And other professions will finally disappear — they will be replaced by machines and Internet services. These professions are accountants, lawyers and translators. These experts should think about change of a field of activity.