Russian Companies Created Own Computing Platform

17:11, Июль 2, 2015

Cognitive Systems and Telecommunication

A number of the Russian companies developed the Russian convergent platform which will allow to create data-processing centers of different function. System development within the country allows to avoid "bookmarks" in system.

The hardware-software solution SKALA-R is developed by the IBS, Depo Computers, Parallels and Naumen companies. It can be applied both in military information systems, and to commercial and government institutions. For example, elements of a platform are already used in services of the electronic government of Kazakhstan and the Russian energy companies.

Unlike systems of the western producers it is designed for the scenarios of application, most typical for Russia. It is considered in design of motherboards, configuration of servers and software.

By calculations of participants of the project, it will allow to offer products which third of prime cost is made by costs of work of the Russian experts, to offer clients a product 40 percent cheaper than the western analogs, and also to pass certification on use of server system in the sphere of military industrial complex and for the state departments as in them it is possible not to be afraid of bookmarks.

SKALA-R includes server modules (knots) which quantity can be changed depending on the demanded loadings: from four computing and two for data storage to 44 knots. The maximum volume of the supported data is to the 17th petabyte (one petabyte is one thousand terabyte or one million gigabytes), failure-safe configurations and virtual computers are included. When developing the main attention was paid to energy efficiency as the main expenses after input of such systems are on electricity.

Factor cost on creation of the project made 60 million rubles "at an old course", according to Sergey Eskin, the president of Depo Computers, however all participants noted that it is incorrect to estimate costs of the project only in money as operating time of highly paid experts is spent and earlier acquired technologies are used. Implementation of the project after coordination of details between the parties took one year.

Sergey Matsotsky, the chairman of the board of the IBS Company who assumed a role of the initiator of the project and the architect of the decision, reported that from ready import decisions only import processors are used. When chips of the Russian Baikal project are ready, partners are ready to pass to their application. Other components are made in Southeast Asia, but they are designed in Russia and it is improbable to make changes to their schemes. Thus the IBS Company formally isn't Russian, unlike other participants of the project: the Russian shareholders own the company through foreign legal persons. However within several months it plans to finish process of transition to the Russian jurisdiction.