The Science Turns Into Goods

17:14, Июль 2, 2015

Social and Humanitarian Technologies of Engineering

Creation of the interdisciplinary intellectual centers at universities will help Development of innovations in Russia. Participants of the international conference "Innovations and business at universities: today and tomorrow", organized by MGTU of N.E. Bauman together with USRF fund, came to such conclusion.

"Scientific and technological progress demands innovative approaches. But the Russian market is not rather mature, it doesn't introduce an innovation in such volume as the developed market economies, - the rector of MSTU of N.E. Bauman Anatoly Alexandrov considers. - Our mentality prevents to introduce development in real life. Therefore we went on the way of creation of the intellectual engineering centers of a world class. Thanks to such system of preparation we will be able to bring the latest development to the market and to teach business to engineers. It is now obvious that the businessman can be trained. In the intellectual centers young people can share knowledge and exchange experience".

The international cooperation of higher education institutions in innovations and business will be favorable to all participants of programs. "It is logical that technical achievements have to turn into a commercial product, but we always didn't have a look from above. Therefore it is necessary to create a special environment, community of people who would seek to turn scientific knowledge into goods, - Alexander Povalko said. - Universities show good dynamics in scientific productivity appear to be growth points on production of new knowledge. And it is important not to miss this potential. Now we modernize research infrastructure, and in the future this process has to be self-sustaining. Universities have to create modern histories of success and ways of a conclusion of new production to the market".

Experts consider that the programs developing an enterprise initiative need to be entered at schools. "We have to develop enterprise. There is a brief experience of teaching in this sphere In Russia. Therefore we will rely on the international experience. Russia participates in such program, and annually 1,5 million school students are taught it. Around the world the program of development of business passed already 10 million children, - the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Evgeny Velikhov told. - There is a myth that the science and commerce exist separately. But a good expert has to be included in both of these processes. Many organizations are engaged in intermediary activities for import and commercialization of innovations. But universities together with the enterprises can be engaged in it".

The straight line from fundamental science to management can't be. Universities have to be built in this system. And the conveyor on development of innovations has to begin from school. "Now there is an active process of convergence of knowledge, the fastest development in the world is gained by the technologies developed collectively. Therefore the international union of higher education institutions of the engineering direction will become pledge of competitiveness of our country in many directions", - Evgeny Velikhov added.

Commercialization of developments is the basis of the country's economy, therefore venture financing of research and development is an important question today." Universities turn in system integrators promptly; all zones of innovative development grow around of universities. The university ecosystem includes not only laboratories, but also business incubators and accelerators, - Igor Agamirzyan told. - Also dense interaction with the industry and licensing of technologies is important. we lagged behind in it a little In Russia. Only 1 of 10 projects finds an embodiment in a commercial product. But the tendency develops. At the time of blossoming of industrial economy the leading technical universities were strongly integrated into production and the defensive industry. New industrial leaders - the Internet and the IT companies - actively open departments at universities. And venture funds pay attention to development of universities and participate in formation of a technological and enterprise ecosystem".

According to experts, successful development of economy of any country assumes transition to economy of knowledge and growth of innovative activity. In recent years many mechanisms of support of innovative business were created in Russia." It was offered to develop the National technological initiative which assumes development more than 30 technological platforms. And we now have an opportunity to fill them, - the president of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin noted. - It is necessary to recognize that specialized institutes of development of innovative activity and financial incentives aren't always effective. And the Russian business isn't confident in prospects of scientific activity and wants to orient on the checked opportunities. Very few companies are focused on commercialization of innovative development through engineering activity. Now a few higher education institutions specialize on innovative programs, and it is necessary that their quality was high. Therefore participation of business in formation of infrastructure of innovative business is very important".

It is more effective to form demand for innovations through training. "Development of professional standards and updating of old educational norms will help to reduce a gap between the level of training of specialists by higher education institutions and inquiries of labor market", - Alexander Shokhin stated.