Tomsk Polytechnic University's Students Invented Bracelet Unlearning Bad Language And Parasite Words

10:16, Март 6, 2015

Social and Humanitarian Technologies of Engineering

Students of Tomsk Polytechnic University have invented a bracelet controlling speech by means of a small current discharge. The device will wean its bearer to use bad language and parasite words.

“The work scheme is: the bracelet will communicate via Bluetooth with some software, for example, in the cell phone, and the bracelet, if the person uses the “forbidden” language, will produce a small electrical discharge,” - said one of the authors Ekaterina Koltunova.

The application will include words or entire structure of speech to use which people want to unlearn. In the future, the students want to get the device to respond to individual words and the context of speech as well. “To do this, we have to work hard - to expand the team and find investors,”- adds Ekaterina.

“At the moment we have developed hardware, now we have to work on the programme content. There is still a lot of work, but the project is promising, - says Ekaterina Koltunova. Ideally, we want to adjust the bracelet by any business activity and use it at organizations where the culture of speech is very important.”

For example, such a censor speech can equip workers in any service industry - vendors, drivers of minibuses or even civil servants, so that they learn to be polite with customers.

The project is developing by two students of the Institute of Power Engineering studying at the Elite technical education trajectory - Ekaterina Koltunova and Alexander Belyakov. Later the students plan to expand their team, adding to it programmers. With their invention they took the third place in the national youth project “Relay of the quality”.