Tomsk Scientists Work At The Technology Of Production Of The Russian Beryllium

17:04, Июль 2, 2015

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Scientists of the Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) passed to the second stage of works on creation of the production technology of beryllium and work on the basis of the Siberian Chemical Plant (SCP) of Rosatom the technological modes for further start of large production of this strategically important metal.

Earlier it was reported that at the end of 2014 TPU and SCP received the first Russian sample of beryllium. It is the rare metal possessing set of the physical and mechanical properties suitable for the wide range of applications. Beryllium is used in many industries. It is necessary in nuclear and space branches, is used in production of the telecommunication equipment. Now needs of Russia for beryllium are satisfied due to import. Now this metal is made in the USA, China and Kazakhstan.

"We have to work the technological modes and transition to regulations for large-capacity production in 2015. Works are going successfully" — the vice rector for scientific work and innovations of TPU Alexander Dyachenko told.

According to data, the management of combine expects to get the state support for start of production of beryllium on the basis of SCP. "There are all conditions for start of production at the enterprise: technological base, shots. Besides, we as scientifically accompanying organization settle down nearby. According to the program of Minpromtorg of the Russian Federation, full large-tonnage production will start in 2020. We go according to the schedule" — the vice rector noted.

It is reminded in TPU that scientists of Polytechnic University developed own way of processing of beryllium concentrates thanks to which it is possible to allocate not only metal beryllium, but also, for example, synthetic fluoride of calcium and oxide of silicon. It is offered to use stocks of the beryllium concentrate as raw materials which are stored in reserve. Further restoration of production and enrichment of beryllium ores of the Ermakovsky field in Buryatia is planned.