Young Scientists From Tomsk Polytechnic University Make Threads For 3D Printer Of Old Plastic

17:08, Июль 2, 2015

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Young scientists of the Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) developed mobile extrusive installation for production of threads for 3D - printers; installation processes household plastic waste in cheap and eco-friendly raw materials.

Development of graduate students of TPU Denis Berchuk and Denis Zhuravlev allows to create new materials for additive technologies which don't have world analogs.

Installation will transform plastic into a thread for 3D - press by an extrusion method — technology of breakdown of plastic. Plastic is loaded into the device bunker where it is processed and diluted. Then it is pressed through an extruder — the machine for formation of plastic materials. At the exit ideally round plastic thread with an accuracy of diameter up to 20 microns turns out.

Installation makes equally qualitative plastic thread both from new material, and from household plastic waste. It costs ten times cheaper than the existing analogs. Also the unique production technology of raw materials developed by graduate students of TPU helps to save money.

"The existing technologies are based on the method at which speed force is used. The thread is stretched with a certain force and speed that the necessary diameter turned out. The method is expensive — the additional high-precision equipment is necessary. Our research was based on a gravitational constant and we developed the technology thanks to which, at the expense of Earth attractive force, liquid plastic itself gets ideally round form. Thus, it isn't necessary to buy the expensive import equipment", — Denis Berchuk tells.

The new technology allows to make also experiments in the field of creation of new materials on the basis of polymers. The first samples of such materials by means of the TPU's new installation are already received.

The quality of the plastic thread made by means of the TPU's installation doesn't concede production of the other enterprises, but also surpasses them in many parameters. Thanks to the low cost of a plastic thread, ideally correct on diameter, resource efficiency and ecological advantage, development of Tomsk Polytechnic University is capable to compete with import production not only in Russia, but, perhaps, and in the world market.