Social and Humanitarian Technologies of Engineering

Cluster carries out demanded and challenging research in the field of social engineering of ecological engineering and ecological culture in order to diagnose and model socially significant resource saving technologies of society development.

Educational, scientific and innovative network projects implemented in the cluster integrate social and and technical areas.

Cluster Development Areas

  1. Social and humanitarian scope of engineering;
  2. Mechanisms of engineering innovation inception and development of engineering anticipation.

Modern engineer must have not only the technical and socio-technical education, he has to see his activities to the development prospects of the company. The activities of the modern engineer is becoming more socially oriented. Engineering projects are implemented primarily to important social problems.

Developments and Projects


Aalborg University (Denmark), Coventry University (England), University of Brighton (Great Britain), Heidelberg University (Germany), University of Sheffield (Great Britain), Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering SB RAS.

TPU first in Russia prepares for the opening of a number of socio-technical orientation programs: